HAMMER at The Theatre Centre – March 19 to 22, 2015

The History of Cathy Gordon’s Anger – Six Strategies for Sublimation

Created by Cathy Gordon
in collaboration with Trevor Schwellnus and Christopher Willes

photo by Erin Brubacher

photo by Erin Brubacher

Production Assistance: Katie Kehoe & Bobby Theodore
Mold for hammer sculpture: Duncan Forbes
Photograph: Erin Brubacher

A big thank you to the entire staff at The Theatre Centre.  It’s a thrill to be here!

Thank you to my many outside eyes:
Franco Boni, Erin Brubacher,  Niomi Cherney, Lacey Creighton, Fiona Griffiths, Ame Henderson, Becky Johnson, Jeff Kirby,  Alex Napier, Liz Peterson, Kim Simon,  Bobby Theodore , Holly Timpener, Gein Wong.

Thank you to more wise friends for taking the time to meet with me: Aviva Chernick, Chris Dupuis, Jess Dobkin, Zoe Sweet, Laura Nanni, Coman Poon, Kathleen Smith, Heidi Strauss.

Thank you to my previous residency and workshop supporters:
Hannah Firth, Cathy Boyce, Catherine Angle + Experimentica Festival 2014
Nadia Ross , Sarah Conn + Sto Union
The artists of MAKE Artist Residency (Tiger Dublin Fringe, Project Arts Centre, Cork Midsummer Festival and Theatre Forum) and mentors Stewart Laing, Annie Dorsen and Florian Malzacher.
hub14 art and performance works
Michael Rubenfeld + SummerWorks Festival
Emma Tibaldo + Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal
And especially Chad Dembski who was the first. 

 This development phase of HAMMER is made possible through the support of The Toronto Arts Council and The Canada Council For The Arts.