Tyrone Guthrie Centre – MAKE Residency March 2014

Tyrone Guthrie Centre

I’m back in Toronto now after an incredible trip to Ireland and Scotland. Uh… I find it really overwhelming to try to summarize these kinds of experiences in a few pithy sentences but I’ll try. The Artist Residency (MAKE), which is pictured above, was truly beyond my expectations. I met 15 incredible people, all working on exciting projects, from Canada, UK and Europe. Highlights included the gay kickboxing class led each day by¬†artist,¬†Ruairi O’Donovan, midnight games around Vickey Curtis’s fire which burned each night in her spacious studio, walking around the lake, seeing a glimpse of the work created and/or curated by our three talented mentors: Stewart Laing, Annie Dorsen and Florian Malzacher, and experiencing everyone’s sharing over the final three days. I was really happy with the progress I made with HAMMER: The History of Cathy Gordon’s Anger which has involved to include Six Strategies for Sublimation: An Anger Action Plan.

After MAKE, I visited the lovely town of Clonmel and was delighted to be invited to return by Junction Festival’s Artist Director, David Teevan, to work with local artist(s) and teenagers to create a new piece for next summer’s festival.

And, of course, my visit to Scotland, although brief was very intense! I was thrilled to connect once more with Stewart Laing and to get a taste of BEHAVIOUR Festival programmed by the daring Jackie Wylie. It’s stirred by Scottish heart to feel the cool winds of Glasgow, a stark yet dynamic cityscape teaming with testosterone.