Wakefield, Quebec – where I am the inaugural Artist In Residence at STO UNION

IMG_3061This is the view from the front deck. I’m camped out here in the backwoods of Quebec, literally off the grid: those are solar panels in the foreground. Nadia Ross (Artistic Director of STO UNION) has taken me in, provided me with this incredible cabin and her incredible insight as we delve into the back story of HAMMER. It’s been an incredible week of personal dramaturgy – very intense and rewarding. ┬áThis is is still just early days… so much to sink into with this piece. It turns out that “anger” is a hot topic. And people are responding to this: relating to the frustration of having no place to put their anger and no clear understanding of how to “get over it”, so it just sits underneath – ignored but not really forgotten – living with the reality that love and happiness can exist simultaneously, that these “positive” emotions do not cancel out “negative” emotions, and that life is much messier than the categories we’ve created.

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