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“Experimental theatre veteran Cathy Gordon offers up a thought-provoking piece of solo biographical performance art, which includes mixed-media, movement and an intriguing group activity that answers her initial question, “How close can we get?” While there is an unrehearsed fluidity and bric-a-brac feel to the performance, Gordon’s sincerity in attempting to tackle dense intellectual quandaries shines through.” – NOW Magazine
HAMMER - August 2013

HAMMER – August 2013

SummerWorks + hub14 art & performance works present

solo performance by Cathy Gordon
with surprise guests each night
Aug 8: Kate Nankervis
Aug 9: Coman Poon
Aug 14: Aria Evans (dance films)
Aug 15: Andrew Gaboury
Aug 16: Marie France Fortier
Where: hub14 studio (14 Markham Street, fire escape entrance)
When:  August 8, 9  + August August 14, 15, 16
Time: 8pm
Price: PWYC (part of SummerWork’s LIVE ART SERIES)
Length: 75 minutes

How close can we get? To the truth? To each other? Let’s start in the body, where our experience has built up invisible walls between us. How do we tear them down? HAMMER interweaves personal facts and fictions, offering my own fanciful “processing techniques” for rage, grief and acceptance, as I muse about feminism, family history and avant-garde performance. The audience starts at safe distance and then slowly succumbs to a final act of trust.

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Original development of HAMMER was supported by a residency exchange between Playwrights Workshop Montreal and hub14 art & performance works, as well as Nightwood Theatre through the Ontario Art Council’s Theatre Creators’ Reserve Fund.

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