Experimentica14 – Cardiff, Wales

Kz8jjzHAMMER: The History of Cathy Gordon’s Anger – Six Strategies for Sublimation.

Coming up in November will be my second presentation at Chapter’s Experimentica Festival. I’m working hard with Bobby Theodore (dramaturge) and getting excited by the creative talks I’m having with designers Christopher Willes and Trevor Schwellnus. Feeling very blessed and slightly stressed… will be back soon with more details.


Montreal Dance Curation Symposium-Heidi Strauss

ACAQ – International Community of Performing Arts Curators

Montreal Dance Curation Symposium-Heidi Strauss

In April 2014, I was invited by Dena Davida to perform a deconstructed panel that investigated how our personal values impact how we see work and, in turn, what work gets made. This panel was a continuation of an idea that started at PuSh Off and continued to expand thanks to my panelists: Ame Henderson, Heidi Strauss, Kathleen Smith.

More to come in Toronto in 2015…